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This additive is in the form of a concentrated liquid, it should be added to your groundbait water between 10 to 20% to be most effective


Sensas Aromix dosage

Use a quarter of a bottle to one litre of water.

In strong currents increase this to half a bottle per litre of water.


Liquid flavourings and additives impregnate groundbaits right to the core and help keep fish interested and active over long period of time.

More information:

Elevate your fishing game with Sensas Aromix Fishmeal. This concentrated liquid additive is specially formulated to enhance the effectiveness of your groundbait. Simply add between 10 to 20% of Aromix to your groundbait water for optimal results. In strong currents, increase the dosage to half a bottle per litre of water. The liquid flavorings and additives penetrate deep into groundbaits, ensuring a lasting attraction and keeping fish active and interested over extended periods. Enhance your angling experience with Sensas Aromix Fishmeal.