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A culmination of over two years of development, the Absolute Pole Roller is the most stable roller on the market and can be fully adjusted to suit all conditions.

Featuring four double-extending legs, all of which are fully adjustable, tackling uneven or steep terrain is simple and easy. Each leg has its own locking handwheel which ensures there is virtually no lateral movement, a common issue with some rollers and means the roller is incredibly stable even when extended to maximum height and beyond with leg extenders. There are two angle settings which can be easily located, allowing the user to adjust each leg to the contours of the bank.

The central vertical roller can be removed in seconds to turn the Absolute Roller into a large single roller should it be desired to give you ultimate versatility while the outer vertical rollers can also be angled in, perfect for windy conditions. All up-right rollers feature a robust push button so can be adjusted quickly and easily.

The Absolute Roller also features a spirit level, allowing you to make sure the roller is level while setting up, super high-quality bearings mean your pole will glide effortlessly across the roller while the supplied high-quality padded bag will keep the roller in top condition on and off the bank.

Width - 920mm
Height - 500-1150mm

Weight - 4.2kg


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