FEEDER SIZES: SMALL (24g) (Inline)

FEEDER SIZES: SMALL (24g) (Inline)
SMALL (24g) (Inline)
SMALL (30g) (Inline)
MEDIUM (24g) (Inline)
MEDIUM (32g) (Inline)
LARGE (32g) (Inline)
LARGE (42g) (Inline)
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No matter how you load a feeder, you never know what happens to your hook bait underneath the water.

Hook baits can be displaced on impact when the feeder hits the water, or moved off the ‘dinner plate’ by fish tails when the bait inside the feeder has softened after being in the water a while.

We all know the importance of having your hook bait positioned correctly, especially when winter fishing when you are waiting longer for a bite.


The Inline Embed feeder features a soft, line friendly rubber line grip that retains your hook length to ensure it remains in place all the time, offering you perfect bait presentation.

The clip also allows you to adjust the length of hook length, and the direction of the hook point, and is easily released from the grip when a fish is hooked, making it totally fish safe.


Each feeder is front loaded to ensure maximum casting distance and accuracy, and feature a cleverly designed sloped base that creates less water displacement when the feeder lands on the water’s surface.

This sloped base not only protects the bait within the feeder from being dislodged and coming off on impact when casting, but also creates less noise on impact, creating a ‘plop’ when entering the water.

The base vents on the feeder are another clever design, as they are not only tapered to ensure a slower bait release, but angled in the opposite direction to the direction the feeder lands, again protecting the bait inside when entering the water.

Each feeder also features an interchangeable design, so feeders can be changed quickly without the need of disassembling the rig



Unique line friendly rubber line grip to hold hook length in place for perfect bait presentation

Line grip allows the length of hook length to be adjusted easily and ideal for wafters or popped up hook baits, as well as other baits like pellets etc

Deep inner body allows the bait to be inserted and the hook bait rested on top allowing it to be instantly visible to fish

All sizes of feeder are front loaded for aid casting distance and accuracy

Angled vents in base on feeder to protect loaded bait on impact when casting and releases the bait slowly

Sloped base creates less water displacement and protects the bait in the loaded feeder on impact

Interchangeable system so feeder size and weights can be changed with ease

Supplied with easy-to-use hook length connector

Lead free


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SMALL (24g) (Inline), SMALL (30g) (Inline), MEDIUM (24g) (Inline), MEDIUM (32g) (Inline), LARGE (32g) (Inline), LARGE (42g) (Inline)