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  • Super MSG nanoplus technology
  • V-Joint Alpha
  • Redesigned with more stiffness and power for commercial fisheries and bigger carp
  • Pole Only supplied fitted with improved 4.0mm match kit
  • Supplied with Super Light PHEX911 (and PMP56 and 78 with kit packages)
  • All kits cut and fitted with PTFE bushes
  • All No3 sections fitted with PTFE nose cone
  • Interlastic side puller on all kits (except match 4.0mm)
  • ITS taping from No4 to No8 sections
  • Diamond Satin slide easy paint on No9 to No11 sections
  • Choose your package from a More Power or More F1 kit
  • Cupping kits supplied with cups
  • Holdall supplied


4 x Interlastic Speed Kit ILSK5.8-AU

4 x Professional F1 Top Kit PTKF1S4.7-AU

1 x F1 Cupping Kit F1CK1-AU

1 x PMP 7+8 reversible EXT

1 x PMP 5+6 reversible EXT

2 x HS4A

1 x Cup Set

The Airity has been redesigned, performing even stiffer at full length than its popular predecessor. 
This is thanks to a combination of upgrades in materials, the tech of Super MSG nanoplus and enhanced areas of additional power. 

A sharper response and a better balance, which are requisite features for fishing the ever more common approach of ‘long and shallow’ are accompanied by a required level of power and strength for high catch rate venues as well as handling those big commercial fishery carp. 

The pole is initially supplied with the improved 2.4m match kit. 

Designed with a pre bore reinforcement and as two near equal length sections, so it neatly folds back for easy storage The 4mm tip is also fitted with a PTFE bush and is best suited up to a No8/10 solid or Yellow/Pink Hydro. 

‘More’ kit package options are also improved, featuring the latest Professional top kits in the More Power pack and the refined Professional Speed and F1 kits in the More F1 pack.

Extending any of the three end sections (12m, 13.6m & 15.2m), the reversible PHEX911 is redesigned to be lighter, aiding balance when shipping back and forth. 

Fitted with EVA foam nose cones makes assembly far easier, especially when going to full length. 

The 13m edition features the improved PHEX89, providing versatility of finished length without having lengths of section behind you. 

Also upgraded in material spec and featuring EVA nose cones are the smaller PMP 5/6 and 7/8 reversible extensions. 

These not only aid reach when fishing short but provide a reinforced handling area, protecting main sections from unnecessary strain and compression. 

Each are included with either kit package.

Taking every step to evolve the design to the max, the ‘slide easy’ benefit of ITS Taping has also been extended. 

It now covers five sections from the No4 to No8. 

The No9 to No11 are decorated and finished with Diamond Satin. 

The redesign is also reflected in the upgraded packages that are offered.

The More F1 pack Includes eight kits: Four Interlastic Speed 5.8mm kits and four Pro F1 4.7mm Kits and an F1 cupping Kit.

It also includes a PMP 5/6 and a PMP 7/8 reversible section and 2 x Short No4 sections.

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